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A Community Garden for Windy Arbour

Posted by Shan on May 4, 2011 at 11:14 AM Comments comments (0)

Would you like to help plan, design and build a Community Garden  in Windy Arbour?

  If you have some ideas or free time, let me know and we can approach DLR Co Council for assistance as this is an area the Couyncil says it would like to help residents with.

National Spring Clean in Windy Arbour

Posted by Shan on March 23, 2011 at 9:24 AM Comments comments (2)

This April people all over Ireland are cleaning up their local areas. Dun Laoghaire County Council is backing this by providing extra rubbish pick ups.

The Playground campaign has registered as a group with Dun Laoghaire County Council and We're hoping to do one or two clean ups near the Dodder in Windy Arbour.

 The first area we want to tackle is the green space just off St Patrick's Doyle Road, along the banks of the River Slann, which has been used as a dump for a few years now.

 Residents have suggested that some land near this site could be used as a playground or even a Community Garden.

  If you would like to help turn this piece of waste land into somewhere that parents would be happy to bring their children to, why not volunteer a couple of hours of your time one saturday or Sunday this April to  help us clean the banks of the river Slann.?

Other local Groups, such as the Clonskeagh Residents Association will also be taking part in National Spring Clean this  April.  So far The Playground Campaign has some volunteers  who will be picking up litter here over the Easter weekend.

We're planning our first clean up for  Easter  Saturday, 23rd April, when DLR Co Council is provoiding us with bags to clean up the bank of the Slann river adjacent to patrick Doyle Road.  We will meet  on the green at St Patrick Doyle Road  at 10.45 am.  We  will bring sandwiches and drinks so we can  have a picnic afterwards.  Let us know if you can make this or if you'd prefer to organise a clean up on another weekend.

Other weekends available for clean-ups of other playground sites are April 2nd, 3rd, 9th 10th or 16th 17th.  Which one would you choose to begin building our new playground?

New Playground in Stephen's Green is Open

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We made our first visit to Stephen's Green this year this weekend and  ww  were delighted to see that  Dublin City Council has done a great job of revamping the playground there.

There are new swings, a spinning web, a  very small climbing rock and some nice climbing frames with slides.

The new playground in The Green has two sections - one part is very  obviously for under fives and another section that is challenging  enough to keep older children amused for at least half  an hour.

There were lots of children in the Playground when we were there at about 3.30pm, so we waited a little while to get a go on the swings. There seemed to be a good mixture of children who lived locally playing happily alongside visitors from abroad and people like us from the suburbs who were just in town for the day. Grace shared a ride on the big swing with two  other children before we rushed off to see Tangled, which we loved.

It would be fantastic if Dun Laoghaire County Council would follow Dublin City Council's example by building a new playground for us here, close to the Dodder Walk.  This would draw more people to this area and be  very positive for  businesses in Windy Arbour, Milltown and Clonskeagh.

DLR spent quite a lot of money revamping the playground in Marley Park last year and Marley's new Playground is also well worth a  visit. However it's really not practical if you don't have access to a car and lots of local parents in Dublin 14  either don't drive or can't find the time to make a two hour round  trip to Marley Park in a packed work schedule.

So until we can convince DLR that people around here need play facilities for children  locally, a trip into Stephen's Green on the Luas is a good option.

It is open until 5pm in March.

 Remember to click on the link above to tell us where you think is the best site for a playground in Windy Arbour. Also tell us what play equipment you'd really like to see here.  You can also upload pictures to the site if you have stored them on the computer's hard drive and saved them as a .jpg file.

Great News - Council Accepts We Need A Playground

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  It's almost a year since we started this web site to campaign for a playground for the children of Windy Arbour, Milltown and the surrounding areas and  we have made  a breakthrough  - Dun Laoghaire Rathdown  County Council has now accepted that we need a playground in this area. 

According to  DLR Co Council Senior Parks Superintendent  Mr Leslie Moore, the Council now accepts we need a playground in this area. It is now seeking input from residents on  where they think would be the best location for a playground, keeping in mind the need to protect it from vandalism and anti social behaviour.

 This breakthrough  is largely  thanks to  our campaign' gaining support from FF Senator Maria Corrigan, who is the government spokesperson on environment in the Seanad. We met Maria  over Easter, when she was visiting Mulvey Park and  we told her that residents were concerned about the increased building of houses and apartments in this area, without any new recreational facilities.

Sen Corrigan   wrote to us on May 6 saying: "I will assist in any way I can to ensure that this much needed facility is made available to the community of Windy Arbour".

We also had support from FG Councillor Pat Hand, who also lobbied  council officials on the Campaign's behalf. So a big thank you to everyone who has helped so far. 

So please get in touch with Mr Moore to tell him where you think is the best place to site the new playground.  You can email him by writing to [email protected], or post a message on this site which we will pass on.

Also tell him what kind of play equipment you'd  most  like to see there and what age groups  you think  would  most benefit from the new playground.

The top locations suggested for our  playground so far include:

1. Behind St Luke's Crescent  on the Hill opposite the Dodder river, near  the Shia Mosque

2. On the Green at Dundrum Road next to the electricity substation at Mulvey Park, next to the Central Mental hospital

3.  In Windy Arbour on the Green next to the Slann river

4. On the green opposite St Patrick Doyle road, close to Milltown Luas stop

5. On the green in Gledswood Park, near the Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh

6. On the Green in Sommerfield

7  Near the Milltown luas sation on St Columbanus road |Green, where the old playground was in the 1970s and 1980s

8  In the grounds of our Lady's School near Windy Arbour Luas

 This Campaign is hoping  to contact all  of the local residents groups over the summer to hear  resident's ideas and views on where to put the new playground and  to hopefully set a date for a public meeting  in September or october where we can discuss fundraising with Council officials  and the advantages and disadvantages of preferred locations, as well as hearing from playground suppliers about the differnet options available

We're hoping to really ramp the Campaign up in its second year and we  will concentrate on getting our message across as many local groups as we can. Can you think of somewhere else that would be  good for  people to take children to play?  Please write in and let us know. 


  Do get in touch  with your ideas. Together we can make Windy Arbour a better place for children to grow up.

Airfield events this month November 2009

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Family Sundays are Fun at Airfield

Each week between 12.30 and 4pm

Event Ticket included in entry fee - free for under fours

Season ticket holders come free

November  is all about  Hibernation and preparing for spring

8th Help us to create a river of blue in the picnic field by planting spring bulbs….please bring a trowel if you have one…

15th Create a habitat for a hibernating creature

22nd Help us to create a river of blue in the picnic field by planting spring bulbs….please bring a trowel if you have one…

29th  Feeding and bedding the animals –join our farmer as he goes about his routine.

Ranelagh 's School Yard Food Yard opens this Sunday

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 A new  Sunday market with the catchy name of the School Yard Food Yard  is set to kick off  this Sunday in Ranelagh Multi Denominational School.

 A group of market traders and local producers  will set up stalls  in the School yard, which is very close f to Ranelagh Luas stop,  from 10am till 3pm. There will  be  music and entertainment to  encourage local people to support the market

  One trader, Brendan O Mahony told the Dublin People that the market will provide a space where small traders can sell goods direct to local people, while also raising money for the  popular school.

   What a great idea this is.    It would be great if Our Lady's School on Columbanus Road would     consider adopting a similar idea.   What about a Christmas Fair, or even a new year Jumble Sale  to   raise  money for  our  new playground? 

  We might drop into the ne market  on our way to the Botanic Gardens, which is having its first Decorate Your Pumpkin day this Sunday Morning.  :wink:

Our Lady's School applies to turn green space into car park

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   Why does the school need railings at  all?

  Staff at Our Lady's School have applied for planning permission to  remove some of the railings  around the school  in order to construct a small car park on the green space around the school.

   This move  would also give better access to  the children  who curently  use the  green space around the school to play on.  It also means this is a good time to consider improving play facilities at the school for everyone in the community.   Why not  also consider putting a small swing, slide and seesaw in the school grounds for pre-schoolers to use?

It is time to remember that the school grounds are public lands owned by the state and that as such, children should be able to use them to play when the school is not open.  What purpose does it serve for the green space to be fenced off, effectively preventing access by people with prams, or disabilities, while  the railiings stills allows able bodied people and older children access by  climbing the railings.   Why is it alright to give staff somewhere to park cars, but not alright to build a safe place for children to play?

  People in this community who care about facilities for children need to act now before the whole area becomes a giant car park for the Luas station.    We need better thought out planning policies for this area. Dun Laoghaire County Council  needs to consider a proper balance between providing facilities for people who live in Windy Arbour and Columbanus and people who  commute here to work.   

In summary,  I do not object to removing the railings to allow access for a car park, if at the same time access is also granted to  children to use the grounds for play.   

The council's increasing development of car parking spaces is putting children at risk by effectively removing the street spaces they used to play on.    Is it really sound planning policy to  turn an entire area into a giant car park? Is this the best Dun Laoghaire County Council can do for Milltown and  Windy Arbour?   At least this area had decent play facilities when  the area was administered by Dublin City Council.   On the recent  green spaces consultation issued by DLR CoCO,   the words Windy Arbour and Milltown do not even feature.    DLR nees to understand that play is a vcery importatnt part of learning for children and to promote better community cohesion by providing  access to safe public play spaces.   This does not require huge amounts of money, just  better community planning and involvement.   Can one of our  wonderful  local representatives please amend this planning application to include  moving or removing more of  the school railings to  provide  a small, safe play space for pre- school children here please?



Tell DLR how you feel about green spaces near you

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Fill in the online survey at 



now is your chance to do something positive to improve your area. Support our campaign by filling in the DLR questionaire.

Map of Windy Arbour, Dublin 14

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Getting kids in Columbanus online

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   We met a couple of boys who want to join our campaign, but they couldn't sign up because they don't have internet access at home .  Adam Smith is very keen to get a playground in Columbanus, as are his sisters and his mates.


  Adam  said he can use computers at school but  not to access the Internet.  So we said we would approach Mr Hanrahan, the Principal at Our Lady's School to ask him whether he and the other teachers will support our campaign and whether  he would approve of his pupils using thre internet to campaign for a playground in Windy Arbour.

  Adam and  his mates are most interested in what kind of play equipment we can get for the playground.  What do you want?


  Swings, Slide, Seesaw, roundabout or climbing frame.       I think it would be geat to have an indoor room where kids and their Mums, Dads and minders cold go to play when it's raining too.


  Some people might call that a Community Centre.    The Columbanus and Mulvey Community Group would really like a Community Centre too,   so join the campaign and let's get one built.


Should we put  the new facilities on the Green near the Milltown Luas stop where the old playground was, back in the 1980s; or do you know a better place?  Remember we could have playgrounds in more than one place aimed at different age groups .  But it might be best to put the Community Centre and Playground together for security and ease of use and access.   Do   tell me what you think.:lol:  We can't do this without your help.:dry: