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Celebration hails Great New Dodderside Playground

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New View from the Luas just south of Milltown

FROM THE LUAS crossing the Nine Arches bridge over the Dodder just south of the Milltown stop you can see a splendid new children’s’ playground on top of the wonderful grass slope swooping down to the tree-lined river from Columbanus Road.

None of your hard cold steel frames here, but eccentric painted timber structures emerging out of mounds, all designed to safely extend young muscular skills and imaginations.

And, hey, there is a “Zip Wire”! for the under twelves to whiz along! Wow!

Supervising from the octagonal former Milltown Laundry chimney nearby is the resident Cormorant keeping a wary eye on his rival fisherman below, the elegant Heron.

Congratulations Dun Laoghaire Co Council! The kids love it.


 By Gay McCarron

This article is reprinted, with permission, from the Christmas issue of Celebration - Ceiliúradh, the Holy Cross Parish magazine

Parents Campaign has paid off for D14 Kids

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Five years of campaigning by  parents  and kids  in Dublin 14 has produced a massive dividend in the shape of a new playground which has just opened near Dargan's famous Nine Arches Viaduct on the banks of the Dodder near Milltown.

Older Kids have been enjoying a zip wire, a giant slide and the big swing, while the littler ones love the tunnel , the see-saw and the big slide. Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Parks Department has delivered the great new play facility, in August   and it makes the most of a fantastic location overlooking one of Dublin's oldest bridges across the Dodder River.

DLR's  new Patrick Doyle  Road Playground also has great views of the Dublin Mountains and it's a great pit stop if you are  walking or biking along the Dodder Walk  as it is right next to a bike path that connects Milltown  and Clonskeagh to Donnybrook and Rathfarnham.

It is a boon for local parents too, as it is only is a short walk from the school and  to local  shops in Windy Arbour Village and St Galls Gardens South.  It's  a stone's throw from  the Church of the Miraculous Medal on Bird Avenue and   its quite  close to Mosques at Milltown and Clonskeagh .

For kids who visited the area this summer, the new Playground  got top marks. "I give it ten out of ten," said Georgia, above, "it's the best playground we visited on our trip to Dublin".

The design team deserves credit for installing unusual play equipment like the zip wire, which has proved popular with parents and kids alike and for making the most of the scenic location, by providing benches and tables for parents and childminders. It took suppliers CPCL around four months to install, and it is valued at around 100,000 euro. 

New Playground on Patrick Doyle Rd near the Nine Arches

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 Five years after we set up this site,  work on  the new playground has begun 

Contractors CPCL  have been chosen and the  playground is set to open soon..

 What should the new playground be called?

DLR is  also accepting submissions to the 2016-2020 Local Area Plan  and is open to the idea of building a new community centre near the playground.

  You can Tweet   your ideas to  @Sandyshark  with the hashtag #WindyPlay

So have a think and get your comments in  ASAP. :)

Officers from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Council have confirmed they are working towards  building a new children's playgrournd on a site  on Patrick Doyle Road.

 DLR workers in Estate Management suggested the new  Patrick Doyle Road playground was likely to open by December 2014.

Councillors  confirmed that permision had been granted for the  new playground.

January 2013

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 How do we address concerns about anti-social behaviour in playgrounds and parks?

In 2012 Dublin City Council spent a lot of money revamping its play facilities.  Two of our closest local playgrounds - those in  Palmerston Park and Belgrave Square benefitted from this programme and play facilities there are much better for younger children as a result.

However, there was quite a bit of anti-social behaviour from teenagers which caused Dublin City Council  to employ  a security firm to  monitor activity in the Belgrave Square playground, just weeks after it was re-opened.

Last year Dun Laoghaire Rathdown also opened a new pocket playground in Dun Laoghaire and DLR is also rebuilding and improving play facilities at Marlay Park.

 In October, Shan Kelly met some DLR Parks and Recreation Officers  to discuss improvements to two green spaces in Windy Arbour Village. Playgrounds were not really on the agenda, as the meeting took place to discuss taking forward plans outlined by the Windy Arbour village Association 's Two Greens project.

However, officers said that DLR does not have money available  for a new playground near Windy Arbour. They also pointed out that anti-social behaviour was a concern for them.

Anti-social behaviour in playgrounds remains  an ongoing  concern for Dublin City Council and it has responded by opening the gates to Herbert Park on a 24- hour basis, so police can inspect that park in a bid to reduce it.

If you have ideas on how we can encourage these two councils to work together to consider building new play facilities near the Dodder in Dublin 14, or on how we could reduce anti- social behaviour in them , please visit the site and tell us. Happy New  Year in 2013

It's January 2012 and We're Almost Three

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Hello and Happy New Year

2011 was a really busy year for the Playground Campaign and for me, so I spent  only a very little time  posting updates to this web site.

 A bit of history - The Windy Arbour Playground Campaign   started life online  in  Spring 2009, so this Spring we are  hoping to celebrate our third birthday.  

To celebrateour birthday we have produced a 2012 calendar in two formats, which features some lovely photographs of  wildlife  along the Dodder and the Slang rivers.

All of the Illustrations in the Calendars were created by members of the playground campaign.   I especially want to thank our administrator Sophie Hamilton for allowing us to use the wonderful poster she created when she was just eleven.  We used Sophie's  colourful poster  to illustrate the Month of April.

Thanks also to photographer Scott  Kelly, another long time supporter of the Campaign, who got up really early one morning last Spring to take the great shots of wildlife along the Dodder that make up the bulk of the photographs in the Calendar.

We are also using Scott's photographs to  create a series of postcards promoting Windy Arbour Village, which will be for sale in local shops. We hope you will support  our first fundraising efforts, as we are hoping this year to open a Credit Union Account and  form a Management Committee.

The council's Green Spaces Report has acknowledged that  the Dundrum area, which includes Windy Arbour badly needs  children's play facilities and it has allocated more thatn 520,000 euro to improving green space and creating urban playgrounds across its five electoral areas, so we are definitely hoping DLR's parks Department will  spend some money to build safe play facilites for Childen here.

 First Members Meeting

Last Spring we  redesigned the web site and we had our first ever members meeting in The Dropping Well Pub. Following that,  The campaign made a number of submissions to Dun Laoghaire County Council about  its Green Spaces Report

Windy Arbour Village

We also began working with  the businesses based in Windy Arbour to form a Windy Arbour Village Group.  We had two meetings with  local traders in Ryan's Pub. The first was with Hal Ledford,  CEO of the Dun Laoghaire Chamber of Commerce, while the Second, in November  was with Wessel Badenhorst, DLR's Economic Developement Officer.

Wessell told us how businesses all across the five electoral areas that make up DLR are organising themsleves into local groups bent on maximising the money that is available from the council to improve their communites. The message from DLR to businesses is that it wants businesses to take the lead in improving their communities and it will support businesses working with active residents and community groups like ours.

It's not just in Dun Laoghaire that businesses are forming local associations either.  There are new groups in Terenure, Rathfarnham, Churchtown, Monkstown, Ranelagh, Foxrock, Dun Leary Town, Monkstown  AND DUNDRUM. The Churchtown Business Association got funding from DLR last year which helped it to organise two events, a Summer Fun day in De la Salle School and a Christmas tree and  lights switch on opposite SuperValu -  Dun Leary Town had a really ambitious ice fair where Santa arrived on a Harley Davidson bike.

Wessel's advice to us here in Windy Arbour was to think about what makes our village unique and to focus on ways that we can promote those unique characteristics.   Many of us wanted to highlight our wonderful river walks and our long history of industries connected to our two rivers, so we have  created a postcard saying Greetings from Windy Arbour, which you will soon to able buy to show your support for improving our  village. 

We are also working with Dun Leary's Heritage Officer to put a series of signposts around the Village highlighting our history and encouraging  people to walk.

DLR County Council says it  is very keen to work with business groups to improve the local area and it has promised to match whatever money can be raised  by local  trader groups to carry out improvements to the areas that come up with the best ideas fo improving trading conditions.

 So the Playground Campaign is working actively with traders right across Windy Arbour Village to figure out how we can  improve the shoppping experience in the village.  We are looking at the provision of better signage, flower baskets, car parking, landscaping, a christmas tree,and of course, we are also hoping for the provision of   some children's play facilities near Windy Arbour.

At our second meeting  of the Windy Arbour Village Association, we elected a steering group consisting of Eva from Indulge Hairdressers, Michael from Hunters  Chemists and Brid from Ryan's Arbour House and myself, Shan Kelly of the Windy Arbour Playground campaign.

The Village Association is hoping to  meet later this month to plan our events and activities for the year ahead, so if you have any ideas you'd like us to consider, please let us know.

Just  send me a message via this site or email [email protected]

We are hoping it might be possible to begin by organising a car boot sale one Sunday in Ryan's pub car park. Other ideas that have been put forward were for a  fun fashion  competition. We are planning to contact all lolcal schools this year to ask for their support in finding ways to involve schoolchildren in the campaign.

Our  2012 calendars are on sale in   shops in Windy Arbour Village which are  supporting this campaign.

We are hoping to organise a few events this year  with the Windy Arbour Village Association.

Let us know what you think, either through the Village Association's page on Facebook, through our own  facebook Grpoup which is here

All the best in 2012, from Shan

A Community Garden for Windy Arbour

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Would you like to help plan, design and build a Community Garden  in Windy Arbour?

  If you have some ideas or free time, let me know and we can approach DLR Co Council for assistance as this is an area the Couyncil says it would like to help residents with.

National Spring Clean in Windy Arbour

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This April people all over Ireland are cleaning up their local areas. Dun Laoghaire County Council is backing this by providing extra rubbish pick ups.

The Playground campaign has registered as a group with Dun Laoghaire County Council and We're hoping to do one or two clean ups near the Dodder in Windy Arbour.

 The first area we want to tackle is the green space just off St Patrick's Doyle Road, along the banks of the River Slann, which has been used as a dump for a few years now.

 Residents have suggested that some land near this site could be used as a playground or even a Community Garden.

  If you would like to help turn this piece of waste land into somewhere that parents would be happy to bring their children to, why not volunteer a couple of hours of your time one saturday or Sunday this April to  help us clean the banks of the river Slann.?

Other local Groups, such as the Clonskeagh Residents Association will also be taking part in National Spring Clean this  April.  So far The Playground Campaign has some volunteers  who will be picking up litter here over the Easter weekend.

We're planning our first clean up for  Easter  Saturday, 23rd April, when DLR Co Council is provoiding us with bags to clean up the bank of the Slann river adjacent to patrick Doyle Road.  We will meet  on the green at St Patrick Doyle Road  at 10.45 am.  We  will bring sandwiches and drinks so we can  have a picnic afterwards.  Let us know if you can make this or if you'd prefer to organise a clean up on another weekend.

Other weekends available for clean-ups of other playground sites are April 2nd, 3rd, 9th 10th or 16th 17th.  Which one would you choose to begin building our new playground?

Clonskeagh Resisdents Association AGM

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The Clonskeagh Residents Association held its 53rd Annual General Meeting  on Friday, March 25th in Milltown Parish Hall  at 8pm.

This Campaign attended and we asked the outgoing Chairman Peter O Grady to inform members  of teh Association  who were at the AGM about this Campaign. We invited Clonskeagh Residents to join us in campaigning for a new playground to be built near  the Dodder and the Slann rivers in Windy Arbour.

 If you are a member of Clonskeagh Residents Association, perhaps you could ask other members to support the W indy Arbour Playground Campaign.

Clonskeagh Residents Association is responsible for planting Daffodil bulbs in many of the Green spaces around Clonskeagh, so thanks to everyone who stored th gardening tools and planted the bulbs for making Clonskeagh look so much nicer, after a very cold winter.

The Swing Behind the grotto in Farranboley

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   It's now February  2011, almost two years since I posted the story of how some children around here built their own playground on land behind the Grotto in Farranboley.  You can seeit above - just click on  the Kids do it themselves button.

 Since then DLR County Council  has cut down the tree that the kids used to make their swing. We're still waiting on the results of DLRCoCOs Open Spaces Consultation.


The Mulvey  & Columbanus Community Group has also sent a petitition to DLR signed by more than 200 residents, asking for our playground to be rebuilt on its original site . The Group Chair Louise Keogh says that most people want the playground to be built on  Columbanus Green  -its original site overlooking the Dodder and the old Dartry Laundry, and very close to theMilltown Luas Stop.


 What do you think?




We've Built a Shop - Check it out

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February 2nd, 2011

We've  redesigned our web site and  added a  Donate Button and a new CafePress Shop.

  That means  you can now show your support for the Playground Campaign by  donating a euro or t wo or by buying T -shirts, bags and even Mugs mentioning the Campaign.   The good news is that ten per cent of eveything you spend in the CafePress shop goes to our .campaign.

(The rest covers the cost of making,printing and sending you the T- shirt or whatever you choose.You can even design your own T- Shirt.

  Have Fun, and thanks for your support,