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The Irish General Election is Now on February 25

Posted by Shan on February 1, 2011 at 6:46 AM

    Today is the First Day of Spring.

It's February 1st and Brian Cowen is dissolving the Dail and stepping down as Taoiseach.  

The reason is that his partners in - government - The Greens - and people in his own party - Fianna Fail - lost confidence in his ability to sort out this country's  problems - namely - we are bankrupt, because soon the government won't have enough money to pay our doctors, nurses, teachers, police and every other public sector worker.  We have enough money left for 8 months, so after that we need to  make more or borrow some.  We need a government that can figure out how we our going to raise money to keep the country going. One big issue is the IMF loans the outgoing government has agreed -  Can they be renegotiated or should we walk away from them?

 Yes this is serious, This country is in a bit of bother financially, so why should anyone care about building a playground in Windy Arbour when there are  so many people around this country in desperate circumstances due to all the job losses  of the last few years and the draconian taxes and cuts imposed to try to sort things out?

 Why?  Because we have to start somewhere, and I think there is no better place to start than building important infrastructure that  will help families by giving their children safe spaces to play.

  Building a playground and community centre will bring much-needed jobs to this area, and we could also take the opportunity to clean up derelict, blighted, underused or boggy land at the same time.

  The good news is that all of the main political parties now say they support  our campaign for a playground here in Windy Arbour.

 Labour's Senator Alex White is the latest politician to  back our campaign, so we hope you will remember that if you are thinking of giving him a vote.   Senator Maria Corrigan was one of the first people to back our Campaign, so we are delighted that she will be standing for the first time as a TD here  in Dublin South in this election.

 Most people believe Fine Gael will have the most seats in the new Dail, so we are really hoping to increase  that party's support for building new Community Facilities here in Windy Arbour. 

We haven't heard much from the Greens or Sinn Fein on their positions, though we have tried to make contact with them.

Independent TDs will play a big role in the next governemnt, so we will be talking to Senator Shane Ross, another local who is standing here in Dublin South, about whether he will back our Campaign to improve our local environment and community facilities and also bring jobs here.

We'll let you know what they say next week. Meanwhile,  Please tell us who  you will be voting for in this election and why. Click on the join us or Your Views buttons opposite to tell us wehat you think. :)




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